Asia i Koty // Kulturhauz
10 April 2016
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“Sing” Album Release Party
Nasiono Records

Wstęp: 10,00 ZŁO

Joanna Bielawska introduced her Asia i Koty project to a wider Polish audience in 2012 when she released her debut album entitled “Miserable Miaow”. It presented her fascination with simple songs, acoustic melodies and electronic influences which, when put together, created a beautiful landscape of melancholic and distinctive songs. Asia i Koty is a singer/songwriter who composes, plays electric guitar and experiments with loop stations herself. It’s a minimalistic songwriting, enhanced by multi-layered harmonies and mantric repeats. Joanna’s singing voice is the most distinguished element – it’s deeply moving, clear and mature.

In Asia i Koty’s music one can spot fragility but also dark mood, simple melodies but also musical experiments. Moreover, the artist co-created four albums with her former group, Folder. After she had released her debut solo album she also collaborated with several bands or ephemeral projects, like “Nasiono Swap Singers”, co-created Karol Schwarz All Stars’ “Hi, Mom!” album, took part in two editions of Pure Phase Ensemble at the first and the third SpaceFest! festival. Apart from these, she started two new projects deriving from electronic music: Morgaine Fay – a duo based on ambient and noise synthesizer and electric guitar sounds; and Kthx NFZ – a solo techno project.

The second album entitled “Sing” was released on the 2nd of April 2016 on the Nasiono Records label that Bielawska has been associated with from the very beginning of her career. As the title indicates, this album is about singing and vocals play the major role in it. Asia i Koty intertwines here various musical inspirations, among which one can sense the spirit of Angel Olsen, Cat Power or Julianna Barwick. The music is based on the sound of an electric guitar but Joanna Bielawska reaches also for an acoustic guitar, piano, loops her instruments or enhances them with a subtle beat. The artist states that this album is about the importance of singing songs in her life and about a constant struggle with herself, about the barriers we create for ourselves.

Asia i Koty toured Poland several times (performed at OFF Festival in Katowice, Opole Songwriters Festival, Spring Break Festival, supported Hugo Race, Maria Peszek, Hey among the others). She also played concerts in Germany, Switzerland and Lithuania. 

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