Bodybuliding Music Workshop

15-17 September 2017 10:00-18:00 / CSW ŁAŹNIA Dolne Miasto
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Strength and sensitivity. Poems and gym. Let’s prove that the strength of the muscles equals the power of the imagination that indwells in each of us.

During the 3-day workshop you will be able to create your own song about physical culture. We invite both fitness enthusiasts and young musicians aged from 15 to 25. Everyone will have a computer with the adequate software at their disposal. You can also take an instrument. At the end of the workshop, you will have a chance to present your songs at the final concert. The unique symbiosis of sport, music and great fun will take place! We’ll make some noise!

Workshops are organized within the Bodybuilding Poetry Project by the Nasiono Association. Project is supported financially by the City of Gdansk. The workshop will be led by TriCity musicians: Karol Schwarz and Michał Miegoń.