Band A – Between Wind And Forest

nasiono records 104/2019

PREMIERE 31st Jan 2020

01 Coincidence
02 yes, coincidence
03 drives
04 entities unfolding
05 randomly
06 between wind and forest.
07 Their names are
08 unspeakable
09 accidental tunes
10 wandering
11 among blows and whistles,
12 singing the tales
13 of pulse and scream

format: cd-audio
cover: unipack (2 wings)
time: 73:51

Tomasz Gadecki: sax
Michał Gos: drums
Krzysztof Stachura: guitar
Maciej Szkudlarek: bass

mix, mastering: Karol Schwarz
design: Joanna Kucharska
cover photo: Magdalena Rosman

Between Wind And Forest
What you are holding in your hands is a recording of an unusual moment. What happened between wind and forest was recorded live on the night of August 11th 2017. Band_A was playing a concert in „Paszcza Lwa” („Lion’s Mouth”) club in Gdańsk, Poland. All sounds improvised, absolutely no arrangements made before entering the stage, pure energy expressed. Moments after the last sounds of this concert aired the room a storm came, stronger and stranger than anything witnessed for years. The small crowd rushed inside the club to take shelter and stood amazed, listening to the sounds of glass bottles, chairs and umbrellas crushing against the ground just outside the door. Near the Baltic people are used to storms and strong winds, but this one was special. Hours later headlines quoted a little girl, who came to wake up her parents saying 'Mommy! The forest is gone!’. In fact, it was only after people woke up in the morning and looked around that they realized what actually happened – to some extent. A whole day passed before information exchange allowed to imagine the scale of the storm.  It devastated forests and villages in the whole of north- western Poland. Only in the region of Gdansk 30 to 36 millions trees were hurt. The total amount of wood from all fallen trees is estimated at 10 million cubic meters. Six people were killed by extreme weather. In the whole area covered by the storm, wind has ripped roofs of almost 5000 buildings, 3 500 of which were inhabited houses.