Karol Schwarz All Stars / 100 Filmów (first release)

format: cdr, classic box

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01 Sobota – glupota
02 Looking for…
03 Przyjaciele, chuje, cwele
04 Krotkie spojrzenie, Konkret, Stocznia
05 Where is Sibisius?
06 Ostatnia modlitwa bohaterow
07 Simple Happy song for Christmas
08 Prosba
09 Sun is on the way & Krzyz
10 Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to
11 Kompressor does not dance
12 Luksus w samotnosci
13 Shoegaze Harry
14 Byla jesien
15 Byla wiosna, bylo lato
16 I don’t love you anymore

Artist: Karol Schwarz All Stars
Album title: 100 filmów
Label: Salut rec.
Cat. nr: 10/2007

The meeting took few days, in the heart of Kaszuby, in the middle of nowhere. It was cold, wet and foggy. They lived in an old red brick house, surrounded by water-meadows and damp forests. The time was passing by, not poking in. The cows were drifting on pasturelands, homeless cats were begging for food at the door. They recorded as much as they could. In the meantime they were either driving around in totally rusty truck tractor or sleeping in the barn. The time was arching nearby.

„100 filmów” (One Hundred Movies) was almost completely improvised, recorded live in Losienice. Karol Schwarz distillated some hours of raw audio material into 73 minutes of acid, psychedelic music. The sound of 100F is based on the analogue groove generator – drum machine of Szymon Albrzykowski, that previously was used by Szelest Spadaj?cych Papierków and Prawatt. Sometimes it was subtle click’n’pop, being base for sweet melodies which may be compared to the stylistics of morr music, sometimes sophistically crafted structure resembling one of those crafted by Jan Jelinek, sometimes bonecrushing noise that PanSonic and Merzbow could be proud of.

Thanks to Karol Schwarz’s unique organizational skills, the project collected the characters from totally different fairy tales. Szymon is a man responsible for noise emission in Szelest and Prawatt. He is the author of a solo project 100 filmów as well. Borys is a songwriter and producer responsible for poetic/music project Towary Zast?pcze (Replacement Goods). Jacek is known as a comerade from cruel punk band Szybkie Banany (Fast Bananas), while Wojtek is a student of vocalization on Musical Academy in Gdansk. Karol himself, being the brain of the band, during the course of his life has been recording German folk songs as well as lengthy electronic noise.

On”100 filmów” one can hear how analogue noise mixes with subtle melodies, overdriven guitars watered with keyboard spots. Somewhere in the background, melancholic electric guitar plays melodies. This is intimate music, reaching out for the bottom of the soul, sometimes dirty and unpalatable, sometimes naive and romantic.

This album is musical extension of „Half Los” LP by Prawatt. There are audible influences of guitar-making-noise classics (Velvet Underground, Sonic Youth, Spacemen 3, Ewa Braun) and the bands like Can, Kraftwerk and – probably – many others as well. The piece „Taking drugs to make music to take drugs to” is an apparent reference to Spacemen 3 album under the same title, being the credo of „100 filmów” at the same time.

Vocally, the main participant next to Karol was Jacek. Two pieces were sung by Szymon. The lyrics were either their own or it was the poetry of Rafal Wojaczek and Piotr Szwabe. The lyrics of the song „Kompressor does not dance” are taken from the song by Kompressor under the same title.

The method of recording and realization of this album is completely different from those utilized by KSAllstars before. While the previous records were made mostly at home, laboriously, track by track – which could took entire infinity of time to complete – this one was almost 100% recorded live in three days.

Szymon Albrzykowski – generators, bas
Borys Kossakowski – guitar, keyboards, bas
Karol Schwarz – guitar, bas, vocal
Jacek 'Cent’ Tomczak – guitar, vocal
Wojciech Dowgiallo – vocal