Nasiono Records is an art collective uniting musicians, poets, graphic designers, video artists and cultural managers. Our common goal is to record, publish and promote music of bands and projects originating in Tricity (and surrounding area).

The collective is a kind of a mutual self-help organization for boys and girls. We act according to the old principle “there’s strength in numbers”. We are not confined to any specific stylistics. We release noise experiments, rock songs, psycho-folk, spoken word, shoegaze, space-rock and coarse punk. We let the pigeonhole-experts hinder themselves by classification instead.

The history of the collective goes back to the year 1998 when a maxi single “Podzielic” by Podzespol group was released. One of the founding fathers of Nasiono Records, Piotr “Jachi” Jachowicz, designed the sleeve cover and coined the name Nasiono Records.

The consecutive releases of this semi-official label were published sporadically. Nasiono Records’ logo appeared e.g. on the cover of Coil bootleg recorded at St. John’s Church in Gdansk and on several albums of Karol Schwarz All Stars.

The recording company was brought back to life after the fall of Salut Records in 2008. The bands associated with Salut Records, like Prawatt, Datadisk and KSAS, decided to establish a new label.

In 2010 members of Nasiono Records founded Nasiono Association. The Nasiono Records family is gradually developing and expanding taking under their roof brand new artists.

The main objectives of the collective are: recording and studio production, designing album covers and posters, releasing records, organising concerts, making music videos, promotion, developing PR strategies, obtaining grants from public and private sources.

We have created festivals:
SpaceFest! – international festival of shoegaze, space-rock and psychedelic music. (Gdańsk 2011-2019)
Nasiono Sunrise – Nasiono Records collective and guests (Sopot beach 2009-2013)
Na SiAnno (wcześniej Na Siano Sunrise) – private agrofestival in
Kashubian barn (2014-2023)



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