Na Siano Sunrise 2 compilation

Here is another compilation recorded in June 2015 during our Na Siano Sunrise agro-festival taking place in a barn in Kaszuby.

If you have a good ear for music – you will find fluctuating drummers, choirs out of tune and stumbles in solos on this album.
But if you have a good heart – you will find lots of joy, energy, melodies and some true gems here.
You will find a previously unreleased Asia i Koty recording, as well as a cracking, energetic version of “Notatki” by Pure Phase Ensemble 4.
You will find Popsysze, as always the best live.
You will find a song written especially for Na Siano Sunrise by Wojt i Vreen – a band successfully keeping the number of fans on Facebook below one hundred for years (last time I checked – 79).
You will find the newest recording by the legendary Pancerne Rowery.
You will find a song about Dolphins by Judy’s Funeral and a song about Gorbachev by Walrus Alphabet.
Finally, you will find tracks by the bands you have never heard of before and perhaps will never hear of again (Kormorany i Żurawie, Morze).


info / buy CD:

release date:
11 March 2016

mix & recording: Karol Schwarz
19-21 June 2015, in a barn in Kaszuby
catalogue No.: na siano 5/2016

1. Judy’s Funeral – Dolphins (live) 2:38
2. Asia i Koty – All I Ask Take My Hand (live) 4:52
3. Popsysze – Łasi się (live) 8:25
4. Wojt i Vreen – Już nie będzie poniedziałków (live) 3:42
5. Walrus Alphabet – Gorbaczow (live) 4:34
6. Pure Phase Ensemble 4 – Notatki (live) 7:45
7. Kormorany i Żurawie – Spring (live) 5:19
8. Pancerne Rowery – Schiza (live) 4:48
9. Morze – Taniec Rufusa (live) 4:08

total time: 46:12