Technolodzy Procesu join Nasiono

We are pleased to announce that we’ve got a new band joining Nasiono Records label – Technolodzy Procesu. The ones who are in Gdańsk tomorrow, will have a chance to listen to them live at B90 club where the band will be supporting Popsysze and promoting their new album „Semuta”.

Technolodzy Procesu formed in March 2016 as a side project of Bartek Chylewski and Piotr Wyrwaszewski – two members of Grupa Terapeutyczna Gluten from Tricity.

When we began work on the album, we aspired to create some kind of a sonic version of The Rorschach test – a minimalistic, monochromatic soundtrack to the inner journey. The album title refers to Frank Herbert’s „Dune” – the book in which he mentions Semut – mysterious, atonal, vibrating music, listeners of which consumed extract from Ellaca tree.  

The album comprises two asymmetrical halves (Supplier/Recipient). Each of them, in terms of technology, is derived from one of two night recording sessions that took place in the summer of 2016 at Verstalia studio.

The album is already available on our website: