Kalafior Derambo – Na mego ducha nie siada mucha

Release Date: 2018-07-28

nasiono records 100/2019
premiere: 4 June 2019

free download:  Bandcamp, Soundcloud

Minus six zeros (and two more zeros)

We have already heard what it is like to strive for six zeros in a banking account. Now it’s time for a hip-hop story about minus six zeros: on its new album the Tricity rapper Kalafior (Cauliflower) Derambo shares a very personal story about why – for real and without showing off – he has been repping impoverishment for a few years now.

Cauliflower confesses:
„My sister has put me in debt totalling one million four hundred thousand zlotys (around 365 thousand U.S. dollars). She bought land under my name. Ok, I had given her a power of attorney, but I was not aware that she had not clarified the transaction with the Tax Office. In the meantime, I had left and I learned only after a few years that I had been inscribed on the list of insolvent debtors, because of a tax of eight hundred thousand zlotys plus interest – a hundred thousand a year. A million four hundred in total. What can you do in a situation like this? Go crazy, break down or grit your teeth and do your thing, and, at the same time, do everything you can, so that you don’t end up sucked in and swallowed up by a black hole of six zeros.”

Traces of this story are most easily found in the numbers „Zmora” and „Pani z Ameryki”, but it also affects the rest of the songs collected on KLFRDRMB album. The listener can also find out where the nickname of the Tricity rapper came from, what he thinks about a particular type of colleague from work and what his attitude towards his closest ones, his wife and baby boy, is. The whole work is a very personal story, which is definitely worth hearing.

Kalafior Derambo’s album ”Na mego ducha nie siada mucha” is the 100th release in Nasiono Records catalog. This is another two zeros in this story. Will they be the last? It depends on you, listener. All you need to do is change 0 to 1 in the order form in our store.

1. Zmora (prod. Yannick Dillée)        2:41
2. Kalafior Derambo (prod. mefedron)    3:05
3. Pani z Ameryki (prod. mefedron)   3:28
4. Las (prod. Byty)            3:52
5. Piisiont (prod. mefedron)        4:03
6. Kolega z pracy (prod. mefedron)    4:44
7. Całodzienne zerwanie na zawsze (prod. mefedron)    3:19
8. Złote kule (prod. Wieszcze)        3:33

Total time: 28:45


mefedron – https://www.facebook.com/prodmefedron/ :
„Kalafior Derambo”, „Pani z Ameryki”, „Piisiont”, „Kolega z pracy”, „Całodzienne zerwanie na zawsze”
Yannick Dillée (FR): „Zmora”
Byty https://www.facebook.com/bytymusic/ : „Las”
Wieszcze: „Złote kule”

Vocals recording: Ramtamtam https://www.facebook.com/ramtamtam/
„Las”: Paweł Przyborowski
„Zmora”: Jan Galbas
Mix: Michał Chel
Analog mastering: Eprom Sounds Studio
Artwork: less https://www.facebook.com/less.hello/