Kiev Office – Modernistyczny Horror

Release Date: 2017-05-14
Available now on:

Nasiono 85/2017

1. Obręby Rewiry 4:14
2. Makłowicz w podróży 3:02
3. Daj mu jeść 5:03
4. Anonim spod ziemi 4:54
5. Lekcja 1 1:35
6. Cafe Santana 4:21
7. Strefa szybkiej samotności 5:04
8. Jądro Miasta 2.42
9. 8 Lat w Tybecie

Total time: 38:37



Composed by Kiev Office
Lyrics: Michał Miegoń, Joanna Kucharska (6)

Michał Miegoń: Vocal, Guitar
Joanna Kucharska: Vocal, Bass guitar
Krzysztof Wrońśki: Drums

Recorded, mix and mastered: Michał Miegoń
Sound 8 Gdynia (january-march 2017)

Artwork: Joanna Kucharska

Kiev Office would like to thank: Our families, friends, fans. You know who You are!

A journey to the centre of Gdynia
Gdynia – a city known as ‘the pearl of modernism’. But what lies beneath the ground and behind the renovated facades of old buildings? What can you find if you choose a different path than these occupied by tourists? The new Kiev Office album “Modernistyczny Horror” (“The Modernistic Horror”) takes listeners for a crazy ride around these unexplored areas. Bushes, bunkers, secret corridors and rarely visited enclaves of autochthonic Gdynia society. It is a journey to the heart of the city.

Only through the eyes of locals can you explore the real face of Gdynia. With Goran, Asia and Krzysztof we take a ride through local pubs, lonesome fields, and forgotten districts that are similar to distant villages. Somewhere deep beneath the core of the City lies something disturbing but fascinating at the same time.

Kiev Office are faithful to the traditions of Tricity and Gdynia musical underground. But on each album they also explore their hometown, in lyrics and in video clips. With each new release the stories they tell and songs they sing evolve and are getting more mature.

(…) If you create songs that start out completely inadequately to the rest of the track, that emanate madness, if you write lyrics about Gdynia and you can spoil the sound of the guitar during your solo, then your name has to be Michał Miegoń.
This is the best album of this band, with a fantastic sound and surprising twists of the plot. There is even an inevitable smash hit “Cafe Santana”, which contains the necessary dose of a certain wonkiness.

Piotr Pawłowski (Made in Poland, The Shipyard)