7faz / Faza A

Release Date: 2016-05-20

Nasiono 74/2016

1. Faza A cz.1 06:15
2. Faza A cz.2 (Basketball) 10:52

format: cd-r
sleeve: white unipack on left side. Print: stamps. Booklet included. Handmade, numbered copies (100)
total time: 17:08

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Phase A
part one – drone on four guitars, an analogue synthesizer, a sitar and a saxophone; a musical mantra cleared of attack, rather swirling than flowing

part two – a flight of a ball thrown high up and falling to bounce again; the instruments playing extremely loud hit unison in an escalating tempo, to finally intertwine in a radical noise chaos scattering again – in time – into a rhythmical beat.

All songs composed by 7faz
Karol Schwarz (Pure Phase Ensemble, KSAS) – guitar, voice, phase
Michał Gos (Oczi Cziorne, Mazzoll & Arhythmic Perfection) – drums
Tomasz Gadecki (Olbrzym i Kurdupel, Band A) – saxophone
Jakub Noga (KSAS, Baden Baden) – sitar
Jowita Cieślikiewicz (Oczi Cziorne) – synthesizers
Szymon Albrzykowski (Szelest Spadajacych Papierkow, Prawatt) – synthesizers
Marcin Bożek (Olbrzym i Kurdupel) – bass guitar
Artur Bieszke (KSAS, Walrus Alphabet) – guitar
Piotr Czerski (Morze) – guitar

Recorded by Karol Schwarz at Stodoła Na Siano. Sept. 2015, Kaszuby, Poland.
Mixed, produced by Karol Schwarz.

Seven is a mystical number. It is a symbol of wholeness, fulfilment and perfection in many mythologies and religions of the world; it symbolises the bond between time and space. It was an attribute of gods, its figure featured in architecture, holy scripts, commandments and cosmology. There were seven virtues, seven sacraments, seven liberal arts and seven bodily “glories” of the blessed in Heaven. But we’re not done yet: there are seven days of the week, seven planets ruling the zodiac, seven rainbow colours and seven crystal systems. Not to mention Seven Samurai and the same amount of The Magnificent. And how many notes are there in music? That’s right, seven.

Now there comes another seven: 7faz – a new project by Tricity (Gdansk-Sopot-Gdynia / Poland) musicians associated with Nasiono Records. The project ideally fits the symbolism mentioned above. Why? Because 7faz is a finished wholeness and harmony but simultaneously – it constitutes a building material for something more.

Seven phases may be just listened to, but they also provide building blocks for musicians or DJs. “Phases G and E were used by Pure Phase Ensemble 5 ft Hugo Race during SpaceFest performance. You can hear Phase G in the background of  “I’m Gonna Use My Claws” by Asia i Koty. Phases are also used by Projekt Poezja Kulturystyczna (Bodybuliders’ Poetry Project)” – says Karol Schwarz, the initiator and one of the creators of the project.

Seven phases create seven musical spaces recorded on seven separate discs. Each phase usually consists of two parts: tuning (a tranquil, contemplative part) and a trip (a louder part).

Individual phases constitute separate entities but they all interconnect in an unusual way, complement each other, unceasingly swirl around each other and interfere.

It is a perfect music for work, yoga and solitude – as someone stated in one of the reviews published after the publication of the first of Seven Phases on Bandcamp.

Seven days before The Deluge Noah heard: Take with you seven pairs of every kind of animal, a male and its mate. And also seven pairs of every kind of bird, male and female, to keep their various kinds alive throughout the earth. We do not know what Karol Schwarz heard, but the fact is that the musicians he gathered met and recorded in a wooden barn situated in the middle of Kashubian nowhere. Seven kilometres from the nearest village shop. And when it stopped raining – a rainbow of seven colours appeared in the sky…
more about 7faz: https://nasiono.net/en/album/7faz/



*   *   *
“(…) Part 1 is a meditative drone on four guitars, an analogue synthesizer, a sitar and a saxophone which is not unlike the more experimental/drugged out sonic adventures of Spacemen 3. It’s a musical mantra cleared of attack and more swirling than flowing, which is a total contrast to the second part of the EP. Part 2 (Basketball) is cacophonous Space Jazz that represents the flight of a ball thrown high up and falling to bounce again with the instruments playing extremely loud in unison to an escalating tempo before breaking down into chaotic noise……..think the Sun Ra Arkestra and  Spiritualized fighting over the lost chord. (…)”

*   *   *
“(…) The second track, “Faza A cz.2 (Basketball)” is built at close range fuzz guitar attacks in the vein of Spiritualized circa 1997. A molotov cocktail that will shake the neurons of the most demanding music lovers and especially those who miss the guitarrorists flings of Jason Pierce, today lost in gospel rock and roll. (…)”