Broken Betty / The Sorry Eye

Nasiono 39/2012



format: CD-audio
cover: digipack
time: 49:47

1. Intro        1:45
2. Choir        4:05
3. Already Fried    4:00
4. Queens And Stooges    5:44
5. Undefined        4:39
6. Filter Feeder    6:26
7. Winnebago        1:40
8. Saturday Night Special    1:46
9. Keep Driving        5:07
10. The Sorry Eye    5:02
11. Better Days        9:44 : 6,99 € (+ 5 € koszty przesyłki – poza granicami Polski)


“The Sorry Eye” is the debut LP of Tricity based rock trio Broken Betty. The band, slightly drifting away from their previously developed style, decide to explore different musical areas. As a result, heavy, fast and dynamic tunes, similar to those from their debut EP, are interspersed with calm, almost trance-like compositions where next to screaming guitars and distorted bass lines, one can also hear acoustic instruments such as lap steel or hammond organ.

In their songs, the band reveals a whole pallette of compositional means. Everything sounds simply excellent: catchy choruses, great vocal harmonies, “highway” and psychedelic grooves, Hendrix-like solos – all in it’s right place. It’s almost scary to think it’s their debut album. If Poland is still overwhelmed with the “polish sound” curse, Broken Betty (alongside with producer Kuba Ma?kowski) have a perfect remedy.

The album was recorded and produced in Gdynia’s Sounds Great Promotion studio, under the supervision of Kuba Ma?kowski, leader of Pneuma, also producer and recording engineer with an increasing renown. While recording, clarity and precision was given up for energy and a natural feel, so as to capture the powerful live sound of the band, developed over the band’s many gigs.

“The Sorry Eye” is an uncompromising, evolutionary album, that can be a major surprise even to those familiar with the previous work of Broken Betty.

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