Karol Schwarz All Stars / Rozewie

Nasiono 6/2009

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format: cd-audio
cover: digipack
time: 54:51

1. UFO intro 0:39
2. Ona 6:07
3. Submarine 6:04
4. Dolne Miasto 6:21
5. piano song 4:28
6. Krasnoludki 8:40
7. Ona cz.2 2:16
8. Trzymasz mnie & Zwierzyna 9:36
9. (o miłości) 1:11
10. UFO – widziałem coś, czego ludzie nie widzą 9:29

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Take the usual KSAS crew, Brenda Lee DVD voice , a generator, a laptop, a guitar and add some keyboards. Fold everything together, add a pinch of Father Yod, 50ml of Witkacy, 30g of Dali and 10g of Dunuel. Put it all in the blender – do not put a lid on!!!!- turn the blender on for 3 minutes. Whatever you scrape from the kitchen walls – ` put in a baking tray and cover it all with a thick layer of absurd and surrealizm. Sprinkle the top with some fresh psychedely and sun-dried improvisation. Put the baking tray in a preheated oven and bake for 3 days in a small holiday home on the Baltic shore. After 3 days you should get the tasty New KSAS album called “Rozewie” – That’s the shortest way to describe what to expect from their new album. It is simply brain-destroying, rules-breaking, piece of ART.


Recorded LIVE at Rozewie, Kaczmar House by Karol.
Autumn 2008
Produced by Karol.

This time KSAS were: Borys Kossakowski, Szymon Albrzykowski, Karol Schwarz, Brenda Lee DVD, Eszter.