Marta Sap – Kanwa

nasiono records 103/2019
premiere Sep 2019


price: 39,99 zl (+ 8 zl costs FOR SHIPPING INSIDE POLAND)

cena: 9,99 € (+ 5 € costs FOR SHIPPING OUTSIDE POLAND)


1 Fala / See 8:17
2 Proces 3:57
3 Obsesja 8:37
4 Bitwa 4:02
5 Ryt 6:36
6 Kokon 5:14

total 36:42

FOR LOVERS OF: Massive Attack, Dead can Dance
GENRES EXPLORED: Ambient, Ethno, Drone, Soundscape, Meditation

music & lyrics: Marta Sap
except Obsesja
lyrics: Marta Sap, Raper Joozef
music: Marta Sap, Karol Schwarz
artwork: Wrzeszcz&Magenta
photos: J. W. Wojdowska

Marta Sap: didgeridoo, kalimba, jaw harp, beats, synths, vocals
Karol Schwarz: backing vocals (3), shaker (3)

recorded at St. John’s Church Gdańsk, Poland. 24th February 2019
Recording, mix, production: Karol Schwarz

Thanks to Baltic Sea Cultural Center in Gdańsk.

The canvas is the foundation. Often it is a loosely woven linen fabric, on which there appear patterns created using multicoloured threads. The methodical act of embroidering on canvas is very relaxing and transports one’s awareness inwards. The image itself can be created as a result of a momentary inspiration or meticulous calculations and drawings. The result can be touched, smelled, seen and felt.

The record’s canvas is electronics: subsequent, minimalist layers interspersed with live instruments and vocals. The canvas remains unchanged. The album features both the precisely calculated mathematical formulas and ones created under the influence of a unique space where the music was recorded: St John’s Church in Gdańsk, at a time when it was inaccessible to the public.

Marta Sap wakes up archaic instruments, both those stemming from far-off lands and from very familiar regions, but she does not attempt to reconstruct traditional music. She finds inspiration in contemporary genres spanning trip hop and ethno. The instruments she uses include the didgeridoo, drums, kalimbas, the Jew’s harp, the shepherd’s overtone fipple flute (fujara), the guitar zither and contemporary synthesizers. She is involved in music projects based on archaic, folk and historical music, and often composes scores for theatre productions, performances, and documentary films. She is also a music instructor. Sap likes to experiment with jazz artists, electronic and classical music. She has so far released a solo record Breaths and a concert single Frequencies Project. Both were shortlisted by Trójmiejska Encyklopedia Muzyczna (The music encyclopaedia of Tricity) among the most interesting releases of 2017, alongside such prominent names on the Polish music scene as Jacaszek i Budzyński or Ortalion.