Mordy / homosucker

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Nasiono 81/2016


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format: cd-audio
cover: unipack (2 wings)
time: 54:44
EDITION: 350 individually stamped copies


lustro grymas samouświęcone oczy baznamiętnie nierozpoznającecień
na plaży w Zoppotach i obóz zagłady
na dnie lustra … ludzie cienie … na dnie lustra …
je sui sans-papiers …

HOMO SACER “human life … included in the political order in being exposed to an unconditional capacity to be killed” (Giorgio Agamben Homo Sacer 85 )

HOMO SUCKER – “the predominant liberal mode of subjectivity today is Homo sucker: while he tries to exploit and manipulate others, he ends up being the ultimate sucker himself. When we think we are making fun of the ruling ideology, we are merely strengthening its hold over us” (Slavoj Žižek Welcome to the Desert of the Real! 71)

1. Homo Sucker (3:52)
2. Lost It All (5:45)
3. Homo Stator (8:20)
4. Pięść Napięć (6:46)
5. No Other Girl (5:18)
6. Individual (4:04)
7. Za wcześnie (6:25)
8. Western Motel Intro (0:56)
9. Western Motel (3:34)
10. Willow Tree I (6:46)
11. Willow Tree II (2:58)

Bartłomiej Adamczak – dr
Tomek Bergmann – git, bass, voc, door
Krzysztof Stachura – git, b.voc
V Elisa Rovich – bass, voc, git, samples, keys

words: Welizarowicz (2, 3, 5, 8-11), Welizarowicz/Bergmann (1, 4, 6, 7)
music: Wellzarowicz (5, 8), Welizarowicz/Bergmann (1, 2, 6, 11), Adamczak//Bergmann/Stachura/Welizarowicz (3, 4, 7, 9, 10)

Tomasz Gadecki – br sax (Willow Tree I)
Mariusz Noskowiak – dr overdub (Individual)
Izabela ‘Izes’ Sawicka – voc (Homo Sucker, Individual)
Alex Schroeder – b.voc (Individual)
Filip Szatarski – voc (Lost it All)

Recorded in July 2012 at the Adam Juniewicz Studio, Sopot.
Produced by V Elisa Rovich & Tomasz Bergmann
Recorded by V Elisa Rovich for Sulejmanije
Mixed and mastered by Marcin Dymiter
Mixdown by Cezary Joczyn & Marcin Dymiter
Tech support by Lech Niezabitowski
Photography by Tomek Bergmann
Cover design by Edyta Majewska

“Lost It All” originally composed by Welizarowicz for Jakub II (June 2011) by Filip Szatarski, Bergmann and Welizarowicz. “Western Motel” dedicated to Doug Smith, Western Winds Motel, Española, NM.

Plunderphonics: “Willow Tree I” contains adapted samples from Arnold Schoenberg, The Fall, and others. “Western Motel” contains adapted samples from “Turtle Dance Song” performed by Peter and Cipriano Garcia, San Juan Pueblo Turtle Dance Songs audio cassette rec. by Danny Lichtenfeld in San Juan Pueblo, NM on December 20, 1994.
Special thanks to Marcin Dymiter, Bard Adamczak, Wojtek “Gigant” Michałowski.

© & ℗ Sulejmanije/Mordy Records
℗ Nasiono Records 81/2016


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