Pure Phase Ensemble 8 – Live at SpaceFest!

nasiono records 99/2019

PREMIERE: 18 April 2019

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format: cd-audio
cover: unipack (2 wings)
time: 48:20

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1. I Hate Music 11:27
2. I Love You* 7:20
3. It’s Easier That Way~+ 6:06
4. You Suffer But Why*^ 7:40
5. Strangers In My Dream~ 6:35
6. Womwomwomwowom Though* 9:11

all songs composed by: Pure Phase Ensemble 8
* Will Carruthers
~ Hanna Went
+ Karol Schwarz, Wojciech Grabarz
^ Piotr Kolendo

Pure Phase Ensemble 8:
Will Carruthers – voc (2,4,6); bass (1-3,5,6)
Karol Schwarz – guitar (1-3,5,6); bass (4); voc (3)
Wojciech Grabarz – guitar (1-6); voc (3); Godzilla synth (3)
Maria Białota – analogue synthesizers (1-6)
Sebastian “Strychu” Strycharczuk – drums (1, 3, 4, 6); guitar (2); percussion (5)
Jan Nawacki – drums (2, 5); percussion (1, 3, 4, 6)
Marta Sapierzyńska – didgeridoo (1, 6); dan moi (4); accord zither (2, 3, 5)
Hanna Went – guitar (1, 3, 4, 6); voc (3,5), percussion (2)
Adam Neubauer – guitar (1-6)

unexpected special guest:
Piotr Kolendo – voc (4)

recording: Marek Iwanowski
live mix: Michał Walder
mix, production, mastering: Karol Schwarz
supervision: Anna Szynwelska
art work: Patryk Hardziej

Pure Phase Ensemble 8 would like to thank Phil Collins, Napalm Death and Karton for inspiration.

Trivia, gossip, statistics:
– Will played at SpaceFest 2013 with Dead Skeletons. As it later proved, this was the last concert the band ever played. Afterwards Will abandoned music. He only returned to the stage with PPE8 for SpaceFest 2018.
– Will hates songs, which is why we don’t have that many songs on the record.
– it’s the second ever Pure Phase Ensemble (after PPE5) with percussion instruments apart from the regular drum kit.
– it’s the first ever PPE with a didgeridoo.
– it’s the first ever PPE with rap (You Suffer But Why).
– the rapper was Will, but we also have a surprise guest artist: young freestyler Piotrek Kolendo, whom Will met at a party and invited to the show. That’s another first in PPE history.
– the concert was recorded by Marek Iwanowski. It’s his third PPE recording (after PPE5 and PPE7) and he was brilliant as usual. We mention it, because there was always something wrong with the other editions.
– the album features a thank you to Phil Collins, Napalm Death and Karton. Karton is a music producer active in Tricity at the turn of the 21st century. His broken beat inspired the band to record You Suffer But Why (listen to the original here). The title of the track is a reference to Napalm Death. And Phil Collins appeared in almost all discussions we had during the workshops. You might say the band adopted him as something of a point of reference.
– Will Carruthers is a fantastic guy with a great sense of humour. The only time we had more laughs was during PPE4 with Mark Gardener (you wouldn’t believe what a joker Mark is).