Technolodzy Procesu

Technolodzy Procesu formed in March 2016 as a side project of Bartek Chylewski and Piotr Wyrwaszewski – two members of Grupa Terapeutyczna Gluten from Tricity.
When we began work on the album, we aspired to create some kind of a sonic version of The Rorschach test – a minimalistic, monochromatic soundtrack to the inner journey.
The album title refers to Frank Herbert’s “Dune” – the book in which he mentions Semut – mysterious, atonal, vibrating music, listeners of which consumed extract from Ellaca tree.

The album comprises two asymmetrical halves (Supplier/Recipient). Each of them, in terms of technology, is derived from one of two night recording sessions that took place in the summer of 2016 at Verstalia studio.


Semuta (2017, nasiono)