Obrazek – new band in Nasiono Records

EXCELLENT – rated by Wojciech Hinz*.
We are happy to announce a new band in our family: Obrazek.
It is created by:
?Magdalena Kruk – a guitarist with the talent of Bernard Butler. You know her from the ninth edition of Pure Phase Ensemble and/or Pipi Ya Jeli (be sure to check out the latter if you don’t know her)
?Jan Dąbrowski – sings good, broken lyrics in Polish, sometimes in the style of Pogodno, sometimes Placebo (#hysteria). Sings cleanly and often. He also plays guitar.
?Piotr Naguszewski – an efficient drummer with an impressive drum set, and the best dressed sound engineer (#NaSiAnno – what year was it? Who remembers? )
?Marcin Malinowski – plays bass. Yes that’s all. For now. Bass players are often unnoticed and underestimated, but let’s remember how much depends on them. Marcin also seems to hold Obrazek together. Everyone loves him, not only for his sense of humor <3

Work on the album continues. First single in February 2024, but their beautiful Cristal Melancholia is already available on Spotify:

*Wojciech Hinz rated their material as EXCELLENT. He last used this word 12 years ago on the album Nobody by Mordy. So stay tuned.

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