Asia i Koty EP

Nasiono 24/2010

Premiere 14 Oct 2010

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format: cd audio
cover: carton envelope
time: 12:50


1. Hazy Morning 3:56
2. Neurotic 3:10
3. Paralyzing 3:43
4. Somewhere More Like Summer 2:01


The debut album proves what was obvious right from the beginning. Asia Kuzma has a talent that is extraordinary, outstanding and of the best sort. If one compares it to the debuts of such great hopes of female music of the last few years, such as Monika Brodka, Ania Dabrowska or Alicja Janosz (can anyone remember her at all?) – girls who were promoted in the Polish version of the ‘Pop Idol’ television series – well, the gap between them is as vast as the Grand Canyon.

The last ones to sing with such sincerity, lightness and beauty were the Przybysz sisters. But Asia i Koty is situated in a completely different space. By getting rid of the weight of guitars and the noise of drums of her original origin with the band – Folder, she is able to present extraordinarily intimate, emotional and moving songs. It’s not sufficient to call it just a melancholic mood – because here melancholy presses you to the ground and makes you weep like a willow.

Everything is based on the sound of an acoustic guitar and on the hypnotic, almost paralysing voice of Asia. Sometimes she sounds like PJ Harvey but she can also sound like PJ and Thom Yorke together singing in a duet. In her song called “Paralyzed” you can hear beats by Tomasz Maciatek of Break-In Project, which could easily have come from Thom Yorke’s album.

Regardless of whichever artist AiK reminds you of or can be compared to, the most important are the emotions she creates. Without pathos or cheap sentimentalism. Just a couple of acoustic guitar chords and the voice.

(bkoss, a.szynw.)


music, lyrics: Joanna Kuzma
beats: Tomasz Maciatek (The Break-In Project)
recorded, mixed by Tomasz Maciatek at Studio im. Adama Mickiewicza, Warszawa 2010
mastered by Karol Schwarz at DJK, Gdansk 2010

nasiono records 24/2010
Art work: langfuhrundmagenta2010

EP was released thanks to financial support of the:

Gdańsk 2016 ESK kandydat

Thank you!