Asia i Koty / Sing

Release Date: 2016-04-02
Available now on:

Nasiono 73/2016

1. Just Never Stop (2:00)
2. In the Morning (7:04)
3. Miracle I Hate (5:26)
4. Wiosna (3:54)
5. All I Ask: Take My Hand (4:36)
6. Sing (3:55)
7. I’m Gonna Use My Claws (4′:42)
8. Safe in Their Alabaster Chambers (4:21)
9. I Ain’t Worse (4:23)
10. Till the Rivers Flow (4:50)

format: cd-audio
sleeve: digipack
total time: 45:11

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The second album entitled “Sing” was released on 2 April 2016 on Nasiono Records label that Bielawska has been associated with from the very beginning of her career. As the title indicates, this album is about singing and vocals play a major role in it. Asia i Koty intertwines various musical inspirations here, among which one can sense the spirit of Angel Olsen, Cat Power or Julianna Barwick. The music is based on the sound of an electric guitar but Joanna Bielawska also reaches for an acoustic guitar, piano, loops her instruments or enhances them with a subtle beat. The artist states that this album is about the importance of singing songs in her life and about a constant struggle with herself, about the barriers we create for ourselves:

“Sing” is a chronicle of my battle with depression, pathologically low self-esteem and persisting lack of faith in myself. The songs were written without any prior planning – they are the result of spontaneous home recording sessions which occurred when I had a chance to turn my self-loathing into creative energy. The song “Sing” is about a constant state of self-doubt which paralyses and prevents from doing anything most of the time. “Miracle I Hate” is presenting my fascination with how the state of depression can totally distort the perception of oneself. Because how is it possible to relish the world that surrounds you and at the same time thoroughly hate yourself and your life which after all is a miracle too? “In the Morning” is about the strokes of hope and life energy – and how quickly they tend to slip through your fingers. “All I Ask Take My Hand” is about the things a depressed person expects from their loved ones. Depression destroys not only the person suffering from it but also the loved ones who tend to take responsibility for the illness. Even though they are not to blame in the slightest. In most of the cases, depression has nothing to do with whatever is happening around us. It comes and goes without any notice. In a slip of a second it can take the whole meaning of life away, but not forever. That’s why sometimes it’s enough just to hold each other’s hands and to wait for the meaning to come back.


music & lyrics by Joanna Bielawska
except 8 – lyrics by Emily Dickinson

Joanna Bielawska: vocals, guitars, piano, synthesizer, electronics
Charlie Spad: drums (10), electronics (7)
7faz: Faza G (7)

all tracks recorded at home, mixed and produced by Joanna Bielawska
mastered by Karol Schwarz

photography: Paweł Jóźwiak
artwork: Marta Dobrzańska
booking + contact: