Automaty – 19X19

nasiono records 117/2021

PREMIERE: 30th January 2021

music by Automaty
Piotr Czerski – guitar
Jarosław Lipszyc – guitar
Karol Schwarz – bass, synths, drums

recorded, produced by Karol Schwarz
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about EP:
The idea that organizes the expression of the “Automaty” (Machines) band is to dissolve the ego, ie that no one is post factum sure who made which sounds; in this case, the circumstances of the creation of the album are covered with fog: where were we on October the 19th, 2019? Who were we on October the 19th, 2019? What words and thoughts – asked the poet – were with us at the moment? And the world? What was the world like on 19th of October 2019? As you listen to the 19X19 album, you can think about all this – or don’t think at all, just inhale and exhale inhale and exhale…

about BAND:
There should be a gate at the end of the road, but nobody said it would be a logic gate.
Automata segregate us, and – as in any large-scale farming – there are losses. It’s us.
“Automaty” is an amorphous collective of the times of a fulfilled apocalypse composed of Piotr Czerski, Jarosław Lipszyc and Karol Schwarz.