automaty – nowa synagoga

automaty – nowa synagoga
nasiono records 127/2023

Premiere 28th Jan 2023

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format: cd-r
cover: white unipack on left side. / Print: stamps. Booklet included. Handmade, numbered copies (50)
time: 46:26

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1. Głód
2. Niewesele
3. Sekretariat
4. Gdzie jest Jeden?
5. Kurier
6. Cymes


Piotr Czerski: voc (2), guitar (1, 3, 5, 6) / lyrics (2), music (1, 3, 5, 6)
Jarosław Lipszyc – guitar (1-3, 5, 6) / music (1-3, 5, 6)
Karol Schwarz: voc (1), guitar (2), beats&synths (1-6) / lyrics (1), music (1-6)
Paweł Wojciechowski: bass guitar (1-6) / music (1-6)
Sherpa Kosior: voc (4) / lyrics (4), music (4)

recorded at Nowa Synagoga Gdańsk, 22 April 2021 by Karol Schwarz.
Mixed by Karol Schwarz
Produced by Automaty

artwork: Piotr Czerski


“Artificial Intelligence, write a press release for the band Automaty, playing improvised music. The band consists of Piotr Czerski, Jarosław Lipszyc and Karol Schwarz. The album was recorded in the New Synagogue in Gdańsk, the album’s title is also “new synagogue”. “Automata don’t need people to play”, hence the compositions are characterized by minimalism and openness to sonic glitches resulting from unforeseen interactions between instruments and sound transducers and human operators. Be sure to add a motto from a famous philosopher, journalists love such things. quotes from the Talmud and a reference to Zen. Note that the recording featured guests: Paweł Wojciechowski on the bass guitar, and Sherpa Kosior sings his own text in one of the tracks”

The Automaty band consisting of Piotr Czerski, Jarosław Lipszyc and Karol Schwarz presents its new album “new synagogue”. Recorded in the New Synagogue in Gdańsk, the album is a work of improvised music, which is guided by the slogan “Automata don’t need people to play”. Paweł Wojciechowski made a guest appearance on the bass guitar, and Sherpa Kosior sings his own text in one of the songs.

These minimalistic and glitch-open sound compositions are the result of unforeseen interactions between instruments and human operators. As Wittgenstein used to say, “if music doesn’t sound like noise, it’s not music.” Automata use this noise as a source of inspiration and create unique sounds that delight listeners.

The band’s motto “Automata don’t need people to play” refers to the Talmudic principle, according to which “man is only an instrument through which God acts in the world”. It is also a reference to Zen philosophy, which teaches that man should achieve harmonious coexistence with nature and the world around him.

We invite you to listen to the new album of the Automata band “new synagogue” and discover its unique, improvised sound.


Automata would like to thank the Jewish Community of Gdańsk for allowing the recordings to be made in the building of the New Synagogue in Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz. Special thanks go to Michał Samet, Jakub Skrzypczak and Michał Rudzki.