Karol Schwarz All Stars

What comes out when you are fascinated by Knurl and The Lovelities, Yahowa 13, George Michael, Spiritualized and Beyonce at the same time? Something weird – that’s for sure. KSAS, also known as Karol Schwarz All Stars, is such a formation, making it difficult to pigeon-hole. They come from Gdansk in Poland – which automatically serves as a troublesome place to launch a successful worldwide music career – so alternatively they can always try out another job opportunities this region offers, like becoming a fisherman, a sailor or a professional Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

Nevertheless, KSAS keep on creating their unique sounds – even though it is against all logic. On 14th Dec 2013 they released their brand new album entitled Hi, Mom!, which refers to the classic Brian De Palma black comedy starring Robert DeNiro. Although the band members claim that this is the album nobody really waited for (maybe apart from their concerned mothers), the LP contains a lot of unexpected gems. First of all, there’s the enchanting, hypnotizing song One Time sang beautifully by the incredibly talented Polish vocalist and composer Joanna Kuzma. In the other songs we’ve got walls of space-rock / shoegaze guitars, distortions, delays, choruses that break your heart, psychedelic sounds.

Each of the vocalists takes the listener on a journey to the depth of their soul. Each of the musicians create a magical atmosphere. Such pieces as Cudy 1, Cudy 2 or Live in Aurigeno, present the highest standards of improvisation which is complemented by an Indian sitar. Hi, Mom! lets the listener experience real beauty and meditative silence but also provides with songs that culminate in a way that tears out your heart and soul and gets you on a verge of emotional breakdown, like Letter To… or gives you creeps and causes anxiety like the moving Neurotic (also sang by the fantastic Joanna Bielawska).
Current band members:
Karol Schwarz (Prawatt) – gitara, głos, generator.
Michał Miegoń (Kiev Office, Marla Cinger)- samplery, głos, generator.
Jakub Noga (Śladami Gagarina) – sitar.
Artur Arek Bieszke (Marla Cinger, Ląd Morze Ląd) – gitara, głos

2013 – Hi, Mom! (nasiono)
2010 – 100 filmów (wznowienie) (nasiono)
2009 – Rozewie (nasiono)
2008 – Odkąd ludzie (nasiono)
2007 – 100 filmów (Salut)
2005 – Greatest hits (Requiem)
2005 – Bożena poszła (nasiono)
2002 – Wiocha (nasiono)
2000 – B (nasiono)
2000 – Strzał (nasiono)
1998 – First album (nasiono)