Projekt Poezja Kulturystyczna

Nasiono 90/2017



price: 39,99 zl (+ 7 zl costs for SHIPPING INSIDE POLAND)

price: 9,99 € (+ 5 € costs for SHIPPING OUTSIDE POLAND)

format: cd-audio
okładka: ecopack (3 wings) + booklet
time: 41:44

01 Intro 1:42
music: Miegoń, Schwarz; lyrics: Piotrowski, Schwarz, Miegoń
02 Burza (feat. Raper Orzech, Ray Dickaty) 2:36
music: Schwarz, Dickaty; lyrics: Opinc
03 Cyrk (feat. Michał Gos, Joanna Knitter, 7faz) 4:25
music: Miegoń, Schwarz, Wroński; lyrics: Opinc, Miegoń
04 Nakład 3:30
music: Schwarz, Miegoń, Tobolski; lyrics: Opinc
05 Maszyna (feat. Klimt) 3:05
music: Schwarz, Miegoń, Budziński, Tobolski, Bieszke, Żukowski; lyrics: Opinc
06 Abeesy (feat. Raper Orzech, Artur Bieszke) 3:50
music: Schwarz, Miegoń, Bieszke, Żukowski, Tobolski, Noga; lyrics: Opinc
07 Tętent Tętna (feat. Joanna Bielawska) 3:48
music: Miegoń, Schwarz, Wroński; lyrics: Piotrowski
08 Dawid (feat. Wojciech Dowgiałło, Joanna Bielawska) 3:50
music: Schwarz, Miegoń, Tobolski; lyrics: Opinc
09 Serce, Krew (feat. Kiev Office) 3:56
music: Miegoń, Schwarz, Wroński; lyrics: Opinc
10 Rozpiska (feat. Tomasz Żukowski, Tomasz Gadecki) 3:32
music: Schwarz, Miegoń, Żukowski, Gadecki, Szlempo, Urbański; lyrics: Opinc
11 Hanka i Hantle (feat. Raper Joozef, Joanna Kucharska-Borowska) 3:31
music: Żukowski, Tobolski, Miegoń, Schwarz; lyrics: Zaporowski
12 Zostaw (feat. Szymon Albrzykowski, Piotr Szlempo) 3:59

Poetry tightens biceps!
The end of the stereotypical division into weedy artists and gormless muscleheads! From the very moment when the Tricity musicians and bodybuilders started working on a joint project, the term PHYSICAL CULTURE took on a brand new meaning!

“Bodybuilding Poetry” is not music for wimps. Each song on the album is like another fortifying exercise. If you perform the complete series – you’re a boss. If you repeat it – you gain respect. But only regular listening will transform you and will help keep you fit, both physically and spiritually.

Heavy Words
Everything began with an unusual blog,, where Janusz, a bodybuilder from the Gdansk Żabianka estate published his poems. The sole fact that he made them public required a lot of courage – since he exposed his “soft underbelly” of an athlete to possible punches.. Moreover, they revealed his artistic soul, and yet it is known that blows directed at one’s soul are the most difficult to withstand, and at the same time the most painful. However, Janusz oblivious to criticism, published more poems dedicated to his lifelong passion, that is a gym workout.

From words to deeds
In a short time Janusz’s poems became a local curiosity. They drew attention of Tricity musicians associated with the Nasiono Records label, who in 2012 composed music for several poems and presented them live at the Streetwaves festival (the show was a sountrack for the Musicians vs Writers football match). And because the audience liked the idea it was decided to go ahead with the cooperation with Janusz and to prepare a collaborative album.

Music for the Muscles
„Bodybuilding Poetry” is the result of this cooperation. The album comprises several tracks – in most of them Janusz’s poems were used. The exceptions are the tracks “Tętent tętna” (“Throbbing Pulse”) and “Hanka i Hantle” (“Hannah and Dumbbell”), whose authors are respectively Bodybuilder Nihilist and Rapper Joozef, Gdansk poets indisputably inspired by the achievements of the bodybuilder from Żabianka. Musically, the songs are kept in very different styles, which may initially evoke the legendary album “POLOVIRUS” by Kury. However, in the case of ” Bodybuilding Poetry” this diversity has a slightly different ground: it shows that working out at the gym does not necessarily come down to mindless barbell lifting to the rhythm of rough and ready beats. It requires finesse and comes along with a whole range of emotions.

From mass to sculpture (and vice versa)
“Bodybuilding Poetry ” is a unique project and one of a kind. But will it contribute to the growth of physical fitness among music lovers? Or will it increase interest in alternative music among gym-goers? Hard to predict. So far it has allowed these two (so very different) worlds to meet. And it has proved that to achieve true harmony, both mass and sculpture are important

7faz: Faza A (1); Faza E (3), Faza G (3)
Szymon Albrzykowski: vocals (2, 6, 12)
Joanna Bielawska: vocals (7, 8), backing vocals (6, 8),
Michał Bielawski: backing vocals (8)
Artur Bieszke: guitar (5, 6); backing vocals (6, 10)
Bartosz ‘Boro’ Borowski: backing vocals (10)
Antoni Budziński: guitar (5)
Aleksandra Cacha: backing vocals (6)
Jowita Cieślikiewicz: backing vocals (10)
Ray Dickaty: sax (2)
Wojciech Dowgiałło: vocals (8)
Tomasz Gadecki: sax (10); backing vocals (10)
Michał Gos: drums (3)
Joanna Knitter: vocals (3)
Kosior: backing vocals (10)
Joanna Kucharska-Borowska: backing vocals (9, 10, 11)
Michał Miegoń: vocals (1, 7, 9), backing vocals (3-6, 9, 10); guitar (3, 4, 7, 8, 9); bass guitar (4); synthesizer (1, 6, 7, 9, 10); loop (1, 6, 7, 9); sonar (4)
Jakub Noga: acoustic guitar (6)
Michał Prażmo: sztanga (1, 10)
Karol Schwarz: vocals (1, 4, 5, 7, 10); backing vocals (6, 8, 9); bass guitar (3, 8, 9); guitar (4, 5, 8); drum machine (2, 4, 5, 6); synthesizer (1- 5, 7, 11, 12); percussion (3, 7, 8, 11)
Piotr Szlempo: trumpet (10 ,12)
Artur Tobolski: bass guitar (5, 6, 11)
Jakub Urbański: trombone (10)
Krzysztof Wroński: drums (9); backing vocals (10)
Władysław Zaporowski: vocals (11)
Tomasz Żukowski: drums (4, 6, 10, 11); djembe (6); percussion (6), backing vocals (6)