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Na Siano is a sublabel of nasiono records. It emerged as a result of a successful recording of 20 gigs, which took place at a particular barn in Kashubia, during the unofficial Na Siano Sunrise* event in 2015. However, we ensure you our catalogue will not be limited to the recordings from the barn. We will publish various follies here, not only from Tricity and its surroundings.


*Na Siano Sunrise – a non-public summer camp festival (or an agro-festival if you prefer) which was developed to gather money to renovate the roof of a barn in a certain Kashubian village. The barn is particularly important to us. Many albums were recorded there: The Sunlit Earth (Between The Lines), Band A (Live at Na Siano Sunrise), 7faz (A,B,C,D,E,F,G), or Dub Zespół. Also some albums were recorded at the house nearby: KSAS (100 filmów), Prawatt (Half Łoś), or Szelest Spadających Papierków (Kletnictwo).
na siano 7/2016
Na Siano Sunrise 2016

na siano 6/2016
Verbalizer – Live at Na Siano Sunrise

na siano 5/2015
Na Siano Sunrise 2015 cz. 2

na siano 4/2015
The Końs – The Końs

na siano 3/2015
Jan Kepler Quartet – live at Na Siano Sunrise

na siano 2/2015
Band A – live at Na Siano Sunrise

na siano 1/2015
Na Siano Sunrise 2015 cz. 1